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        About Us

Historical Background
Ahmadu Bello University Press Limited was established in 1973 and incorporated as Limited Liability Company on 30th January, 1978 with the mandate of promoting academic excellence through scholarly publishing (publishing and printing books and other related materials especially for the tertiary institutions). The Company holds 50,000,000.00 authorized and 20,000,000.00 issued and fully paid ordinary share capital of N1.00 each.

Ahmadu Bello University Press Limited is one of the Company’s established and solely owned by the Ahmadu Bello University to diversify its sources of revenue. It’s an independent, fully commercialized venture with its own Management and a Board of Directors.

The Company regains the confidence of its customers, executes and delivers Job Orders on schedule.

The Company enjoys patronage from international NGOs such as Ford Foundation Intervention Programme on Resuscitating Scholarly Publishing in Nigerian Universities. The programme accords the Company opportunity on staff training (local and overseas), some intervention funds for new publications and re-print of selected back-list among others.

Company’s Machinery

Available company’s machinery/equipment are spread over the four Sections of the Production department as follows:-

Pre- Press Section: This section consists of Computer and Lithographic units.

Computer Unit: This unit carries out all Typesetting, Formatting, Cover design and Colour separation. The Unit has State-of-the art Computers equipped with latest soft wares, Scanners, 5100 & 5000 series LaserJet, 1100 lesser jet, and A3 size LaserJet Coloured Printers and colour separation Machine, etc.

Lithography Unit: This unit carries out stripping, filming, plating etc. The Machinery in this Unit include: 1no. Computer to Plate (CTP), Dupliphot Plate Maker (3nos.), Plate Processor machine (it washes plate mechanically), Camera (1), Print down Frame (2nos.), Light Table (3nos.) etc.

Printing Section: The Machinery in the Printing Section includes:-

  • Speed Master, Perfecto, 2-colour heavy duty off-set printing machine with maximum speed of 22,000 sheets per hour (it can print two colours simultaneously and print both front and back (perfecting) on maximum A1 (24/2” x 36”) paper size.
  • Sord-Z  Two-colour heavy duty  printing machine with maximum speed of 12,000 sheets per hour (it can print two colour instantaneously) on maximum paper size A1 (24/2” x 36”);
  • Kord 64 Machine (3nos.) can print at a maximum speed of 6,000 sheets per hour with accurate registration gauge, maximum paper A2 size.
  • M.O.VP-S 4-colour heavy duty off-set Printing Machine can print at a maximum speed of 8,000 sheets per hour with accurate registration gauge, maximum paper A2 size. It is good for process colour printing.
  • GTO; One colour off-set Printing Machine can print at a maximum speed of 6,000 sheets per hour with accurate registration gauge, maximum paper A3 size. It is good for perforation, numbering, scoring etc.
  • Heideiberg Platen Letter Press Machine: it is very fast, for numbering, with capacity of 5,000 sheets per hour, also does perforating, scoring etc.
  • Gestetner 201 printing machine: this machine prints a maximum speed of 4,500 sheets per hour with accurate registration guage, maximum paper size full scape. It is good for both single and multiple coloured printing.
  • Polar 82 Guiloting Machine: this cutting machine makes it easy to trimmed and parcel the printed job.
  • Print- Finishing Section: Machinery in this section includes: Wohlenberg 115 Guillotine (Cutting) Machine; Folding Machine(2nos.); Sewing Machine, Stitching Machine (2nos.), 1no. Automatic s-head stitcher; Gluing Machine, Numbering machine (6nos.); Electrified Perforating machine, Nipping Press machine, A1 size Laminating and Rimming machines.

Bindery section: This section carries out re-binding of books, Journals, Newspapers, Theses and Magazines. The Machine in the section includes: Polar 92 Guillotine (Cutting) Machine, Gluing Machine, Spiral Binding Machine, Blocking Machine (4nos.), Nipping Press machine, Electrified Driller, Punching Machine, 2nos. Modern- type Blocking Mchine, 2nos. Auto-minal (Perfect Binder) Binding Machine, 3-Knives Trimmer, Scoring, perforation/numbering machine, Engraving machine, etc.

Power Supply
Three standby Generators have been installed in order to supplement the adverse effects of public power outages. Production is therefore, not adversely affected by the erratic power supply from PHCN. The Generating Plant are: Renault 47 KVA, Mikano 60KVA and Honda 3.5 KVA power generating plants.

Assets of the Press

  • Building

The Company’s Building Complex consists of a big warehouse where finished goods are kept before delivery. There are also three stores where raw materials, textbooks, and machines parts are kept separately. The printing room is another and spacious building. Adjacent to this building is another building consisting of the Bindery section and Text books Stores. This is accurate to accommodate security printing.
At the front is the Administration Building, which houses the offices of the Managing Directors; Computer section; Board Room; Editorial/ Publications; Finance and Administration; Marketing/Product Development Departments; Internal Audit; Reception and Security Office.

  • Vehicle:

The Company has four functional vehicles:-

1.     Toyota Carina E, 1997 model, Station wagon          = 1
2.     Mercedes Benz  5-Ton Delivery Van                       = 1
3.     Golf-3 station wagoon Car                                       = 1
4.     Golf-3 Space Wagon                                               = 1

Technical Support
The Company has cultivated good relationship with several other printing and publishing houses within Zaria, Kaduna, Kano, Lagos and Abuja. This makes it easier for the company to handle any volume of work awarded to it and also accomplish the task within the agreed time scheduled. In addition, the Company regularly engaged the services of consultants and other professionals whenever their services are deemed to be critical to the success of any job Order at hand.

Ahmadu Bello University Press Limited has over the years, established very good business relationships with many dependable importers, manufacturers’ representatives and Suppliers of production materials, machines spare- parts and consumables within and outside Nigeria.

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Northern Nigeria Publishing Company, Zaria
Federal Inland Revenue Service, Wuse Zone 5, Abuja 
Independent National Electoral Commission, Abuja
Northern Nig. Law Report Comm.
c/o FCT High Court, Abuja
Umaru Musa Yaradua University, Katsina
Kano University of Sci. and Tech, Wudil, Kano State
Federal Medical Centre, Birnin Kudu, Jigawa State

ABU - Teaching Hospitals, Zaria
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
Arewa House, Kaduna  
University of Abuja, Abuja 
National Judicial Institute, Abuja    
Kaduna State University, Kaduna
Bureau for Public Enterprises, Abuja
Adamawa Emirate Council, Yola. e.t.c.
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